Quotes Made From Stuff

The evolution of the English language can be a hilarious, yet reasonable way for new words to take shape. Vocabulary imitates lifeforms as the multiplicity of two words create a third. Think for example, the acronym for celebrity couples, new breeds of dogs or even, the combination of countries. Demilked has recently compiled a list of possible new words, some easier to understand than others but all relatable to the modern individual of 2015. One word that resonated strongly from the list is internest, the cocoon of blankets and pillows you gather around yourself whilst spending long periods of time on the internet. Usually snacks and low lighting are involved in an internest, along with endless scrolling or continuous viewing of a favourite series. The lure of an internest can be strong and the majority of people will give in, so why not enjoy some relaxation by laptop and thank the technology gods for making life so cozy. Succumb to your internest, and if you feel so inclined, click over to urban dictionary to behold all the new words that could possibly end up in Oxford dictionary .