People Meet People / Apr 10, 2015

People Meet People

Interview with Painter Andy Dixon

An Andy Dixon painting is instantly recognizable. If not by the pigmentation alone, his paintings can be identified through the coloring of his subject’s faces. Having already shown at Art Paris and with a relocation to New York on the horizon, this local Vancouver artist is starting to establish himself as something more than local. Join us as we discuss methods, and inspirations with Andy Dixon.

Which period in history do you find most inspiring?
Honesty, despite what my work may seem to say at first, it’s actually a rally for now. I think that my paintings are all about connecting the present to the past through the Great Conversation, and attempting to illustrate that humanity and culture hasn’t changed nearly as much as the soap-boxing “kids these days” demographic would have you believe. People have been saying “kids these days” for hundreds and hundreds of years, claiming that their generation’s culture was so much better than this present day one, somehow forgetting that their parents said the exact same thing to them. Vanity, luxury and the selfie are all as old as civilization.

What’s your painting process like, do your paintings come to organically or are they pre planned?
Since I’m sampling a lot from art history, the pieces are definitely pre-planned, compositionally. But the process of actually painting it is quite spontaneous especially when it comes to colour choices.

Are you currently having a moment with a specific color?
I’m completely obsessed with pink these days. Especially when contrasted with green. There’s that Degas painting of the jockeys sauntering off after a race and one of them is in this beautiful pink jersey that looks so good against the green foreground.

Do you express yourself in other mediums?
Not really, no. I used to be involved in music a lot, but these days I’m concentrating on one means of expression. Keep it simple, stupid.

Do you think Vancouver is changing culturally?
I think so, yeah. But I’m not an expert on this since I kind of jumped from music to fine art fairly recently and don’t know too much about the cultural climate in that sphere before my involvement. I get a sense of excitement about what’s happening in the city generally, though.

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